4 Pongal Activities to Connect the

The word Kaanum (or Kanum) in Tamil means ‘viewing & seeing’. Kaanum Pongal is a day dedicated for sightseeing and thanksgiving; a day for get-togethers among family members and friends, to strengthen bonds or to reconnect.

Yet, why keep it to just a day? Let Kaanum be a timely reminder to always give thanks to our loved ones; make the effort to reach out, improve our work-life balance. Take time to soak in the festivities of Pongal in Little India. Besides coming together for the enclave’s impressive culinary delights, here are 4 fun ways for the family to play, laugh and bond!

1. Be a Record-Breaking Family with 1,000 Kolams

Your family can be part of Little India’s attempt to set a new mark in the Singapore Book of Records by creating at least 1000 luminous Kolams! Mrs Vijaya Mohan, the world-renowned Kolam master, will be on hand to coordinate and guide participants to achieve this record-breaking feat! Be amazed by what the family can achieve when they work as one. All designs will take pride of place at Tekka Place on 30 January – a picture-perfect family photo op for posterity!

Kolam Activity
11 – 17 January 2021, 11:00am – 6:00pm daily
Tekka Place

2. Have a Smashing Time Breaking Pots!

Scream, squeal and laugh as one family! Yaah, Uriyadi is here in Little India; a traditional rollicking game of breaking pots! Much like the Mexican tradition of smashing piñatas, decorated earthen pots are hung high to be smashed with sticks. And it’s done blindfolded!

If space or safety constraints don‘t allow for an actual earthen pot, turning paper lanterns, balloons, or good ol’ paper mache into DIY stuffed uriyadi pots is just as fun too. Team Family, time to unite and set your sight to deal a winning hit. And bring home the spoils and surprises that fall out of the pot!

3. Braid Beautiful Thoranams Together

No festive occasion is complete without colourful strings of thoranam decorations to get everyone in the mood. Let the little ones flex their imagination and lead the way by deciding the colours and patterns! Popular combinations include mango leaves, coconut leaves, and vibrant marigolds, all held together with simple stitching, staples, or hot glue. Simple materials with boundless potential and fun for the whole family. Start them young; giving the kids a say in Pongal decor gives them a big reason to look forward to the celebrations each year!

4. Create your own Pongal Family Herb Garden

In keeping with the agrarian origin of Pongal, get the whole family invested in the trending pursuit of urban farming. Learn to build your own little Indian herbal garden through our hands-on potting session. Pick up life hacks to grow and harvest some of the most aromatic herbs used in Indian cuisine like coriander, basil, mint and curry leaves. Start the kids early on loving the greens; they can also paint, personalise or ‘pongalise’ the pots for added fun!

Have fun with family and friends. It’s great to bond and stay connected. But also stay safe; keep your party to 8 or less!
If you’re heading to Little India to experience the annual highlights of this festive season, do remember to observe the appropriate social distancing and health safety measures.